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Frequent lubrication is critical to keeping your engine running well. Oil Masters Quik Lube is dedicated to keeping your vehicle’s critical components properly maintained to assure peak efficiency and longevity with the quality services listed below.


Our 11-point full service oil change and inspection includes:


                  • Change oil (up to 5 quarts)
                  • Install new oil filter
                  • Lubricate chassis as required
                  • Check & fill brake fluid
                  • Check & fill power steering fluid
                  • Check & fill window washer fluid
                  • Check & fill battery
                  • Check air filter
                  • Check wiper blades
                  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
                  • Wash front windshield




                  • GDI Engine Treatment
                  • Internal Engine Flush
                  • Air Filters
                  • Cabin Air Filters
                  • Lucas Oil Stabilizer


Additional Preventive Maintenance Services:

Take care of your car or truck with the best preventive maintenance available. No appointment necessary! Stop by one of our Oil Masters Quik Lube service centers today, or call us for more information.









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